Exploring Highland Falls
Main Levels Highland Falls 1 Highland Falls 2 Highland Falls 3 Highland Falls 4
Special Burned Village 2nd Burned Village

Highland Falls

Highland Falls is one of the dungeons of the game. You can find it on the lower left of the map, after clearing Floor 4. Before being destroyed by monsters, it was the hometown of the archer character.

It is composed of four levels ranking from level 15 through 18 respectively. There are two special levels that will appear for a quest and can only be played once.

Two secret locations, referred to as Lowland Falls, can be found here as part of a quest to kill some Notorious monsters: Sweeper Stu, Pokey Potsie and Shocker Shoo. The quest is not a requirement to get these encounters and you can come back as many times as you want.

The reward for clearing the four main levels for the first time is 1× Zoning Permit.

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