Fuzzlehorn Habitat

Fuzzlehorns are cute. Disturbingly cute. They were useless for a long time. But now...

Game MechanicsEdit

A Fuzzlehorn Habitat costs 49 Pramin. Feeding a Fuzzlehorn a particular item produces a particular "result" (see table below). You can set the number of items to give to it. The resulting item(s) are obtained immediately, but the Fuzzlehorn cannot be fed for another 30 minutes. Re-feeding time can be lower for some items.

Using Rally, Grinns can talk to Fuzzlehorns, and each time this happens 3 Happiness points are earned. (Unlike with other production processes in the game, Rally can't be used to speed up the Fuzzlehorn's recovery time after being fed).

Known recipes:Edit

Food Result
150x Old Diary or 1x Wood Bundle
150x Old Scroll or
150x Old Broom or
150x String or
40x Wooden Box
150x Rusty Screw or 1x Metal Bundle
150x Used Arrow or
150x Smashed Goggles or
150x Squeaky Spring or
40x Ornate Box
10x Ancient Bills or 1x Healthy Potion
10x Swamp Turnip or
10x Crude Wing or
10x Wyvern Skull or
10x Swamp Buffalo Antlers or
3x Potion Shot
3x Healthy Potion 1x Really Healthy Potion
3x Really Healthy Potion 1x Vibrant Potion
3x Vibrant Potion 1x Extreme Potion
10x Pearl Necklace 1x Revive Potion
10x Sack of Something 1x De-Shocker or
1x Antidote or
1x Hardener
1x Broken Mace 5x Rusty Screw
10x Old Pendant 20x Rusty Screw
10x Fur Pelt 1x Socks or
1x Old Scarf
2x Simple Knife 1x Survival Knife
2x Adventure Goggles 1x Scrapper Cap
2x Adventure Shirt 1x Scrapper Vest
2x Survival Knife 1x Explorer Sword
2x Tracker Cap 1x Trapper Cap
2x Tracker Shirt 1x Trapper Shirt
2x Wooden Bow 1x Trapper Bow
2x Simple Staff 1x Sacred Staff
1x Rename Token or 1x Fresh Cookie or
1x Zoning Permit 1x Pixie Dust
20x Wheat[1] 1x Fresh Cookie or
1x Pixie Dust or
1x Cup o' Guts
5x Really Big Bone 3x Fresh Cookie
1x Golden Egg[1] 1x Fresh Cookie or
1x Pixie Dust (6% chance)
10x De-Shocker or 1x Monstrous Rejuvenator or
10x Hardener or 1x Cup o' Guts (?% chance)
10x Antidote
  1. 1.0 1.1 It takes only 15 seconds to re-feed