Grinnfinite Dungeon

Give your heroes a challenge and fight your way through the endless Grinnfinite Dungeon. If you're good and lucky, you may find some awesome equipment sets that are not available anywhere else! But you'll really have to dig deep into the dungeon to find these. How far, you ask? No one really knows... maybe to GRINNFINITY AND BEYOND!!!

The Grinnfinite Dungeon is one of the dungeons of the game. You can find it at the center of the map, at the bottom right of The Tower, after clearing Floor 13. It consists of many randomly-generated floors which may include chests, monsters, bosses or a mix of both monsters and bosses. Although the first few rooms may seem easy, as you progress further, the monsters become more and more challenging. You can only exit the Grinnfinite Dungeon after clearing a floor, whether it be a battle or opening a chest.

As you defeat monsters, the items they drop are stored in a loot bag and will go into your inventory when you return to town. If your party is wiped out, you will lose all of your loot.

Room and Monster DifficultyEdit

As you go deeper in Dungeon, number and strength of monsters increase. Monsters have a Difficulty Rating associated. They are selected for a room so that the cumulative difficulty of all the monsters on that room must get to at least 90% of the room difficulty. Difficulty of dungeon rooms is equal to $ n^2/2 $, where n is the room number. Room difficulty is at least 1.

Note: The formula works until around room 30. Above that point the difficulty becomes more constant around the same value, with random slight increases and decreases. This is even more noticeable above room 40.

For example: room 4 of the dungeon has a dificulty of 8. The only monsters with a Difficulty Rating less that 8 are: Sweeper (1), Bowbat (2), Shocker (2), and Pokey Sweeper (4). So on room 4 you might find: 2 Pokey Sweepers, or 4 Bowbats, or 4 Shockers, or 1 Pokey Sweeper and 1 Bowbat and 1 Shocker, or 1 Pokey Sweeper and 4 Sweepers.

The following table contains Difficulty Ratings of all enemies encountered in the Grinnfinite Dungeon so far. "1st Room" is the number of the earliest room you can encounter the monster.

Enemy Difficulty Rating First Room
Sweeper 1 1
Bowbat 2 2
Shocker 2 2
Pokey Sweeper 4 3
Grand Gatekeeper 10 4
Sureshot 12 5
Zapper 12 5
Thud 16 6
Smoker 18 6
Smogger 20 7
Rockskin 20 7
Smoggie 22 7
Heavy Sweeper 24 7
Sharpshooter 24 7
Sweeper Stu 24 8
Grand Smoker 26 8
Fault 26 8
Jolter 30 8
Stoneskin 38 9
Thunk 40 9
Poison Spider 46 10
Zinger 46 11
Electric Spider 48 10
Grand Ghost 60 11
Gearhead 60 11
Mother Poison Spider 60 11
Mother Electric Spider 60 11
Heat Spider 60 11
Thumper 70 12
Scarecog 70 12
Tom Thud 80 13
Thrunk 90 14
Randy Rockskin 90 15
Spikey 100 15
Faust 120 16
Grand Crank 120 17
Steamy Gearhead 120 16
Grander Gatekeeper 140 17
Osorio Zapper 140 17
Finneas Fault 140 19
Grander Smoker 160 18
Grander Ghost 180 19
Bowbat Billy 180 20
Grander Crank 200 20
Electric Spikey 300 ???
Poison Spikey 300 ???
Thermal Spikey 300 ???
Bombombomb 400 ???
Evil Adventurer 400 ???
Evil Knight 400 ???
Evil Berserker 400 ???
Evil Wizard 400 29

Enemies not found yet in Grinnfinite Dungeon:

Treasure ChestsEdit

The deeper you go in the Dungeon, the better loot you can get from the chest rooms.  But no matter how far you go, you still might end up with a Crude Wing or a Old Broom, instead of what you wanted.

The following table lists the items that can be found in the chests, relative rarity, and the room number before the chest they've been found on, up to room 27.

Item Rarity Room
Healthy Potion common 4-7
Really Healthy Potion rare 12-17
Vibrant Potion somewhat common 6-16
Extreme Potion somewhat rare 16-27
Hardener, De-Shocker, Antidote somewhat common 3-22
Shock, Softie, Poison Potions somewhat common 4-19
Revive Potion rare 11-22
Adventure Shirt, Adventure Goggles very common 3-7
Ragged Cape, Atlas Cape rare 3-13
Scrapper Scarf somewhat common 5-24
Tier 2 items very common 3-23
Tier 3 items rare 14-27
Tier 4 items somewhat common 15-23
Rogue Set items rare 13-22
Sardaukar Set items very rare 12-21
Zweihander Set items very rare 18-27
Big Wrench or Big Rake rare 5-27
Common Crafting Materials incredibly common 7-26
Mysterious Feather rare 16-17
Forest Raccoon Tail very rare 22
Shiny Ruby somewhat rare 10-21
Diamond very rare 8-21



The Grinnfinite Dungeon is an area designed for endgame players, the unpredictability and difficulty of mobs that spawn in the area make it difficult for players who are using gear below Tier 5. The key to getting deep mostly involves party and gear setup. That being said, players aim to dive deep in order to get hold of the elusive Tier 5.5 items listed below:

As of this update, I will be assuming that players are using either Tier 5, Tier 5.5 and Tier 6 Gear.

Party Composition:


  • Cleric (Haste II, Regen IV, Magic Up IV)
  • Archer (Thermobolt II, Ricochet II, Lifesteal II)
  • Knight (Sacrifice II, Lifesteal II, Ricochet II / Rage II)
  • T5 Wizard (Shockwave II, Chance Up II, Rage II)
  • T5 Wizard (Bio Blast II, Magic Up IV, Rage II)

Nice to have:

  • Cleric (Heal II, Regen IV, Magic Up IV)
  • Berserker (Rage II, Lifesteal II)
  • Adventurer (Pickpocket, Ricochet II)

General Tips:

  • Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to dive too deep into the dungeon to get good items. Refined Rogue/Zweihander Gear, Diamonds, Shiny Rubies, Big Wrench etc. can be found as early as Floors 5-30. I've personally found Refined Zweihander Armor and Refined Rogue Outfit from Floors 29 & 30 respectively. If you're lucky, you may encounter Sweeper Stu and Tom Thud in the first 20 floors. (I encountered Stu in Floor 8)
  • Use an Adventurer to last hit Notorious Monsters and Grander Bosses for 2X drops.
  • Use animation cancelling. In order to skip the long attack backswing, click the Grinn when his/her action bar is full. This will cancel the animation and have your Grinn immediately execute the attack. Very useful in certain situations, the downside is you have to drag the attack icon again. Does not work with Berserkers.
  • The dungeon is very good for low level Grinn leveling, just let them sit in the backup party to leech experience.
  • Try not to overextend by going too deep into the dungeon. Once you find the items you want, immediately head back to town as an unexpected disconnect or a fatal mob combination in the next room will make you lose everything.

Battle Tips:

  • Identify the biggest threat and adjust your party accordingly, bring an Archer if you see a Fault, Faust or Grand(er) Ghost. Bring Wizard if you see Thrunks, Mother Poison Spiders or Grand(er) Crank.
  • When faced with multiple hard-hitting, high defense mobs like Thrunks, Tom Thud and Randy Rockskin (in the back row), have your Knight cast Sacrifice on himself, this should suffice as healing as opposed to having a dedicated healer. Haste your Wizard as many times as you can, with Chance Up II (35% chance to shock) he should be able to lock down a Thrunk or two and deal a considerable amount of damage in the process. A "safer" approach would be to Haste your healer enough to offset the incoming damage.
  • For Grander Cranks use a combination of Berserker, Archer and Wizard. Your Wizard with Shockwave II should easily deal 100+ damage to these guys, Grander Cranks are immune to shock so having an Archer scald them and a Berserker in front would cause them to drop very easily. Poison is also the least annoying debuff, at least for me. If faced with 2 of them in a wave, consider placing the Wizard in front with Haster as backup, take note that the Mojomancer Set (Tier 5) has a set bonus of Lifesteal II, and your Wizard equipped with Rage II should end the fight fast in a few turns.
  • With the appearance of Steamy Gearheads and Thermal Spikeys, it is recommended to have a Wizard with Bio Blast II. Depending on availability, equip the Zweihander Set to your Knight for Scald Immunity.
  • Use Berserker as a backup tank. Depending on wave difficulty, you can even opt to put him in front. Place your Knight at the right-most slot in the backup party so he will immediately switch out if your Berserker dies.
  • Bowbat Billy is dangerous, he attacks fast, hits hard, and is pretty tanky at 600HP. He can potentially 1-2 shot anyone in your party. Make sure to use your Wizard or Archer to dispose of him immediately. Have your Cleric with Haste use it on himself once, then proceed to Haste your Wizard or Archer. I'd opt to Haste the Wizard since Billy is not immune to shock.
  • Based on my experience, here is the general killing order to go for:
    • Bowbat Billy
    • Finneas Fault
    • Osorio Zapper
    • Faust
    • Grander Ghost
    • Grander Smoker
    • Grander Gatekeeper
    • Grander Crank
    • Thermal Spikey
    • Steamy Gearhead
    • Thrunk