Happiness meter

Happiness lets you build more things!

Achieving happiness Edit

Happiness can be made by dragging one villager on top of another until a music note can be seen above them.  This costs 1 action point.  When they talk, they'll produce a balloon that floats up to the counter and adds 1 total happiness.

Additionally, if the player has purchased a Fuzzlehorn Habitat with Pramins, they can interact with the Fuzzelhorn to gain 3 happiness per interaction.

Decrease Edit

If your current happiness is equal to your maximum happiness, and you delete a piece of décor, your current will reduce to your new max.  Building more décor won't return your happiness, it will need to be regenerated.

Happiness never goes down or "spoils" except by deleting décor.

Additional rewards Edit

Villagers talking can have a byproduct of generating a Really Healthy Potion or a De-Shocker potion.  After clearing Floor 46, Vibrant Potions are also dropped.

Maximising happiness Edit

Maximum happiness can be reached by building décor.  Basic Décor (Stone Patches, Wood fences, Iron Fences, and Tiny trees) will raise maximum happiness by 5 and Cobblestone Paths will raise it by 2.

Without spending Pramin, the maximum happiness is 900; 300 from 150 cobblestone paths, and 600 from 60 basic décor.  With 20 Pramin spent on 20 Red Flower Beds, the maximum happiness is 1100.

Red Flower Beds raise max happiness by 10.  Yellow and Purple flower beds cost more Pramin; however, they still only give 10 happiness.

As the saying goes: "You can't buy Happiness." Happiness isn't for sale for Pramin (except for the faster generation of it via Fuzzlehorns).

List of things Happiness doesEdit

Happiness Receive
50 build Salon level 1
95 build Iron Fence
230 build Salon level 2
300 "Happy 300" Achievement
600 "Happy 600" Achievement