Health is one of the five stats of heroes and monsters. Health keeps your Grinns alive.

Health is equal to an hero's maximum Health Points, or HP. When your Grinn reaches 0 HP, they will faint. If they are Berserkers, then they will automatically switch out with a party member from the backup party (if available).  Grinns who are fainted can be revived with a Revive Potion, or with a Re-Vile Potion.  If all of the Grinns in your active party faint, you will be given the option to either return to town, or revive them all for 19 pramins.

Wizards naturally have the lowest health, and Berserkers have the most.


A Cleric's attack ability Heal will restore health. Abilities such as Regen, Sacrifice, and Life Steal will restore health.

The ability Rage raises your Grinn's attack when when they are at low health.