Villagers are the people living in your town. Each villager's name is a name of your friends. If every friend's name is taken, names for new villagers will be randomized without avatar pictures.

Villager ActionEdit

The maximum number of action points is determined by the town population. You regain 1 action point every 2 minutes.

Action points can be used for rallying. Rallying a building or an item will reduce the needed time to complete it by 2 minutes for each point used. If you rally a production building, it will produce instantly the amount of resources the production building would produce in 2 minutes for each action point used.

Rallying also generates a random number of Rusty Screws, Squeaky Springs, Small Nuts and Common Gears. If you've cleared Floor 46, also Big Gears can drop. On Kongregate only there's a chance to get Old Scarfs and Socks rallying a crafting.

Action points can also be used to generate Happiness.

Village HeroesEdit

These are pre-made heroes with a background story.

Alias Description Origin History

Mysterious Little Girl

Organized and knowledgeable, this mysterious little girl is happy to help you out. She can be a bit pushy though. The first hero that our hero meets was trapped in the Hero's Monument. She does not remember his last birthday or where she is from. The past is all fuzzy.

Friendly Archer

Mister (Mysterious Little Girl)

Energetic and likable, he's got your back...

And it's not because he's scared to stand in the front. Honest.

The second hero that our hero meets after the Hero's Monument is upgraded to level 2. Refugee from a village; claims to be the world's best archer, leather maker, farmer.
Female Knight

Talented in battle, and you bet she knows it.

If you treat her with respect, she'll help you out...

for as long as she feels like it.