WoodStorage R1

Wood Storage

Wood Storage is a type of Production Building that stores wood. You can build up to 6 Wood Storage.

The town's initial wood storage capacity is 4000 units. Once maximum storage is reached, no more wood can be harvested from the Logging Camp. The game will leave any remainder in the Logging Camp. 


In order to build wood storage buildings, players must first acquire the Wood Storage artifact. 

Artifact Location Resources Cost Time* Additional Increase Cumulative Increase
Rank 1 Floor 8 1000 Wood 200 Metal 01:00:00 +2000 2000
Rank 2 Floor 10+ 8000 Wood 3000 Metal 04:00:00 +8000 10000
Rank 3 Floor 20+ 32000 Wood 15000 Metal 15:00:00 +70000 80000

* assuming that Rally isn't used to speed up building

Upgrading advice Edit

Looking at storage/price ratio, Rank 1 is more convenient than Rank 3 (for metal only), that is more convenient than Rank 2. So if you need a very large amount of additional storage, it's better to upgrade your Rank 2 to Rank 3.